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Word Practice 600 Từ vựng TOEIC – Lesson 43: Music – Reading

Word Practice 600 Từ vựng TOEIC – Lesson 43: Music – Reading


Part 5 Incomplete Sentences

Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

10. My friends have urged me to _____ my tastes to include more classical music.

(A) broad

(B) broadly

(C) broaden

(D) broadened

11. I don’t know how to _____ my taste in music.

(A) categorize

(B) categories

(C) categorical

(D) categorically

12. The string quartet received a _____ comparison to the best of the genre.

(A) favour

(B) favouritism

(C) favourably

(D) favourable

13. The symphony members _____ to travel abroad only once a year.

(A) prefer

(B) preferable

(C) preference

(D) preferential

14. After a hard day at work, we like to _____ to soothing music.

(A) relaxation

(B) relaxes

(C) relaxing

(D) relax

15. Sometimes I get an _____ to learn how to play a musical instrument.

(A) urgent

(B) urge

(C) urges

(D) urgently

Đáp án:

10. C

11. A

12. D

13. A

14. D

15. B

Part 6 Text Completion

Music Library

User’s Guide

The library’s music collection is _____ (16) into the following categories: classical. jazz, musicals, rock. folk, and international. The map below shows where each category is located. To find out if a particular CD is currently _____ (17), please use the computers up front to check the catalog. if you remove a CD from the shelf, we _____ (18) you not to attempt to replace it yourself. Please give it to a librarian who will re-shelf it properly. CDs can be enjoyed in the adjacent listening room. Patrons who prefer to enjoy the CDs at home may use their library card to check out up to five CDs at a time for a period of two weeks. If you need help for any reason, please ask the librarian on duty.


(A) divide

(B) divides

(C) divided

(D) dividing


(A) avowal

(B) avuncular

(C) avoidable

(D) available


(A) urge

(B) urgent

(C) unguent

(D) urgently

Đáp án:

16. C

17. D

18. A

Part 7 Reading Comprehension

19. When was Maria Rogoff’s concert?

(A) Thursday.

(B) Friday.

(C) Saturday.

(D) Sunday.

20. What is Gus’s opinion of the music at the concert?

(A) It was lively.

(B) It was boring.

(C) It was relaxing.

(D) It was enthralling.

21. What instrument does Gus prefer?

(A) Viola.

(B) Cello.

(C) Violin.

(D) Piano.

22. The word instinct in line 4 of the review is closest in meaning to

(A) preference

(B) knowledge

(C) parentage

(D) nature

23. The word relaxing in line 10 of the review is closest in meaning to

(A) fun

(B) exciting

(C) peaceful

(D) educational

Đáp án:

19. C

20. B

21. B

22. D

23. C

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