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Hướng dẫn ôn thi ETS TOEIC 2020 – Test 9: Reading (Phần 2) – Học Hay

Questions 172-175 refer to the following online chat discussion.

Luke Orlan [8:30 A.M]

Good morning, everyone. I would like an update on the grand opening at the Carter Street Mall.


Pamela Cooke [8: 31 A.M]

The opening went well. The shops and restaurants got a lot of pedestrian traffic and the customers seemed happy. We are still compiling the customer-satisfaction surveys.

The Red Moon Restaurant was popular.


Luke Orlan [8:32 A.M.]

Please send me that data once you have it, Anything else I need to know?


Alena | Santiago [8:33 A.M]

Well, there were some issues with the parking area during the grand opening. The lighting did not work right. It didn’t function as it should have when it got dark.


Luke Orlan [8:34 A.M]



Alena Santiago [8:34 A.M]

We discovered that a timer was not set correctly.

Luke Orlan [8:35 A.M]

I’m glad that was easily resolved. What about maintenance in general?


Marcus Afolayan [8:35 A.M]

We want to make sure that management works closely with the Maintenance Department. We have staff on-site for routine housekeeping, and we have outside contractors taking care of the landscaping and maintenance Of the escalators.


Luke Orlan [8:36 A.M.]

Everything seems to be running smoothly. Let’s continue these online meetings weekly. I hope, to travel there in February to see everything firsthand. Thanks



  1. Who most likely is Mr. Orlan?

(A) A corporate representative

(B) A restaurant chef

(C) An architect

(D) A maintenance worker

  1. AL 8:32 A.M., what does Mr. Orlan mean when he writes, “Please send me that data once you have it’?

(A) He wants to know the amount of revenue collected over the last week.

(B) He is interested in knowing visitors’ reactions to the mall.

(C) He is concerned about increases in the operating budget.

(D) He needs an updated list of recently hired staff.

  1. What problem is mentioned in the discussion?

(A) Surveys were sent out late.

(B) A restaurant was too crowded.

(C) Management has not yet hired enough landscapers.

(D) A parking area was not well lit.

  1. What is suggested about the Carter Street Mall?

(A) Ms. Santiago oversees its personnel office.

(B) It is being renovated.

(C) It has several empty retail spaces.

(D) Mr. Orlan has not visited it yet.


Questions 176-180 refer to the following job advertisement and e-mail.

Vos Communications, Inc.—Current Openings

Vos Communications, Inc. (VCI}, is headquartered in Johannesburg, with a print division in Cape Town and a digital media division in Pretoria, We produce scientific publications with a focus on health and wellness in Africa and have been expanding rapidly in the three years following our launch. To meet our current needs, we are seeking applicants with a solid understanding of the

medical communications industry for the following positions:


Senior Medical Writer

Develops original print materials. Requirements include a master’s degree in clinical medicine, at least five years of experience as a medical writer, excellent communication skills, and the ability to work both independently and collaboratively. The successful candidate will be based in our print division.


Assistant Editor

Works as a member of the Editorial Panel in our print division. Requirements include a bachelor’s degree in journalism or related field, excellent copyediting skills, and experience using editing software.


Medical Writer/Quality Control Reviewer

Works closely with other members of the print division team to ensure the accuracy of all print division publications. Based in our print division.


Applicants should submit a cover letter, a résumé, and a writing sample to Mr. Leon Madisha at

imadisha@vci.co.za. Interviews will be conducted from 7 through +2 May at our headquarters, at which time three letters of recommendation must be presented. Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.




Leon Madisha < Imadisha@vei.co.za >


Amina Buys <buysam@mailworks.net.za>


1 May


Assistant editor position



Dear Mr. Madisha,


I am writing to express my interest in the assistant editor position.


I hold a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Richards Bay. I have been working as an editorial assistant at Luxor Publishing House in Durban for six years.

My position has enabled me to develop long-term collaborative relationships with clients.


I believe my experience in the publishing industry and attentiveness to detail make me a perfect fit. Attached please find the relevant application materials. Incidentally, I will be

attending a conference near your headquarters at the time of the scheduled interview period, so if I do get selected, getting to the interview will not be a problem.




Amina Buys



  1. What is indicated about VCI?

(A) It has been in operation for three years.

(B) It currently has jobs available in various cities.

(C) Its publications center around issues of finance.

(D) Its staff is dedicated to improving its publications.

  1. In the advertisement, the word “solid” in paragraph 1, line 4, is closest in meaning to

(A) hard

(B) constant

(C) thorough

(D) dense

  1. Which qualification is required by all the job openings?

(A) An ability to work as part of a team

(B) A master’s degree in a science field

(C) Strong software skills

(D) A medical background

  1. What most likely was NOT an application document submitted by Ms. Buys?

(A) An illustration of her writing capabilities

(B) An expression of her interest for the job

(C) A description of her qualifications and experience

(D) An employer’s evaluation of her abilities and knowledge

  1. Where will Ms. Buys attend a conference?

(A) In Cape Town

(B) In Durban

(C) In Johannesburg

(D) In Pretoria


Questions 181-185 refer to the following online article and reader comment.

http: www.thecentervilletimes com


The Centerville Ties, pane 1, “Music on the Water”


The magical melody of a violin wafts into downtown Centerville, The sound of a cello joins in. Curious tourists look around, trying to figure out the source of the music. They gradually realize that members of an orchestra are in plain sight, seated on a boat docked in the Centerville harbor.


“Music on the Water” began 30 years ago when Brigitta Carlson had an old cargo boat renovated and then performed the first musical performance from the boat’s deck. ‘Today, “Music on the Water,” a chamber orchestra, offers weekend performances on the original boat in the same harbor location.


The musicians are currently led by Maestro Arthur Silverman, an acclaimed violinist, who plays in the performances each week. “We have expanded our schedule to offer a record number of concerts—over 50 each year,” explains Maestro Silverman. “Certain programs arc now tailored to specific audiences, like young listeners.”


“Music on the Water” performs on many Friday and Saturday evenings at 6:00 PM. Tickets can be purchased online at wwwanusiconthewatet.org, Family concerts are scheduled on Sundays at 2:00 2M. No tickets are needed for family concerts, but patrons are encouraged to arrive early to ensure seats are available.





I have enjoyed “Music on the Water” ever since I was a child. In fact, I will never forget listening to the founder’s very first performance, with the melody of her flute floating up to my family’s third-floor apartment facing the harbor. When I was a little older, I used to save my coins so that I could purchase my own ticket to a concert on the boat. “Music on the Water” has had a wonderful impact on the harbor area. I wonder if The Centerville Times would consider publishing a piece on the history of this neighborhood, which I am still proud to call home.


Thank you,

Roberto Padilla



  1. What is suggested about “Music on the Water” performances?

(A) They have recently increased seating capacity.

(B) They are held in an unexpected location.

(C) They take place only during the summer.

(D) They sell out quickly.

  1. What does the article suggest about the family concerts?

(A) Seating is not guaranteed.

(B) Recordings are available for purchase.

(C) Audience members may request favorite pieces.

(D) Interviews with the concert musicians are posted online.

  1. What is suggested about Ms. Carlson?

(A) She studied music with Maestro Silverman.

{B) She organized tours of the harbor.

(C) She played the flute.

(D) She owned a boat-repair shop.

  1. What does Mr. Padilla request?

(A) Additional weekly performances

(B) Improving the sound quality of concerts

(C) An article on a particular topic

(D) Reduced ticket prices for neighborhood residents

  1. What does the reader comment imply about Mr. Padilla?

(A) He has recently bought concert tickets.

(B) He is a journalist for The Centerville Times.

(C) He was inspired to become a musician himself.

(D) He has lived in Centerville since his childhood.


Questions 186-190 refer to the following advertisement, form, and e-mail.

Carson Office Supplies


This weekend only, May 25-26, we’re having our biggest sale of the year!

50% off select printers

$15.99 for a 10-ream case of paper

25% off all Sonama televisions

$150 off all Rigkuere office desks

$10 off all Herbrot

ink cartridges


Shop in store or online. Only while supplies last!


Carson Office Supplies

Return Authorization Request


Order Number:

Account Number:




Reason for Return:



Jane Mori


Recent purchase




I am the purchasing manager at Welso Manufacturing, and we have a business account with Carson Office Supplies. Last week I purchased the following items: 3 Rigkuere office desks, 15 Herbrot ink cartridges, 30 notepads, and 5 boxes of envelopes. Today | noticed in an advertisement for your upcoming weekend sale that some of the items | purchased are going to be heavily discounted. Would it be possible for me to get a refund for the applicable items and then rebuy them at the lower weekend sale price?




Jane Mori <j.mori @ welsomi.com>


Sheridan Homel <homel @cos.com>


May 22


Re: Exchange


Coupon, returns & exchanges


Dear Ms. Mori:


I Thank you for your message and your continued business with Carson Office Supplies. Unfortunately, only items purchased on the official sale dates are eligible for the sale prices.


Because you have a business account with us, however, you automatically receive a 20 percent discount on bulk items (purchases of fifteen or more of the same item), which is deducted when you make a purchase through our online business portal. I can see from your order that this was the case for some of your items.


I can also offer you a 10 percent off coupon on your next purchase. The coupon is attached—it specifies the access code that you can use online. I will also attach our return and exchange procedures for your future reference.


Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Sheridan Homel

Branch Manager

Carson Office Supplies



  1. What is probably true about Ms. Mori?

(A) She owns a business.

(B) She is a first-time customer.

(C) She received a discount on a printer.

(D) She purchased her items before envelopes May 25.

  1. Why does Ms. Mori ask about returning desks some of her items?

(A) She received the wrong order.

(B) The items were broken when they arrived.

(C) The desks she ordered are too small.

(D) She wants to purchase items during the weekend sale.

  1. According to the e-mail, why did Ms. Mori receive a discount on her bulk purchases?

(A) She redeemed a coupon.

(B) She used a business account.

(C) She entered a special code online.

(D) She shopped during an exclusive sale for members.

  1. What items from Ms. Mori’s purchase qualified for the bulk discount?

(A) The office desks and notepads

(B) The ink cartridges and boxes of envelopes

(C) The ink cartridges and notepads

(D) The boxes of envelopes and the office desks

  1. What was included with the e-mail?

(A) An updated return form

(B) A document about store policy

(C) An application for a new account

(D) A receipt for Ms. Mori’s purchase


Questions 191-195 refer to the following online message board, ¢-mail, and Web page.

https:/ www forum.askaway.com.au


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Sign Up


Advertising with Mix 92 Radio

Marilyn Nguyen, 13 August

Has anyone advertised with Mix 92 Radio?


James Defort, 15 August

I have had advertisements running on Mix 92 Radio since last March. It has proved to be a smart choice: in recent months I have seen a significant increase in the number of customers visiting my business, Defort Automotive. Many tell me it was the radio advertisement that brought them in.


When I signed a contract with the station, there was a problem with some unexpected charges. However, Ms. Jager from the advertising department brought my concerns to her supervisor, and the matler was quickly resolved. Ms. Jager even checked back with me a week later to ensure I was pleased with the outcome.




All staff


Kathrin Jager


29 September


Final broadcast

Dear All,


As my internship at Mix 92 Radio draws to a close, please know that working here has been a wonderful experience for me. I am grateful for the training and advice I have received over the past twelve months. I especially want to thank my boss and mentor,

Alison Alvey, from whom I have not only learned the fundamentals of radio advertising, but also how to meet customers’ needs. Her nomination for this year’s Australis Trophy speaks volumes about her dedication to her clients and staff.


I also appreciate the video recording you presented to me, showing me at work and at play here. I will miss joining many of you for lunches at the Hot Spot Café.


Best wishes,


Kathrin Jager




https: //www.cba.com.au/aawinners/advertising_and_social_media

Australis Small Business Trophy Winners

Advertising and Social Media Category







Ravi Vedantam, Social Media Technology, Mix 92 Radio

Zixuan Li, Marketing, Streiler’s Clothing Stores

Jorge Beltran, Beltran Publicity Company

Alison Alvey, Advertising, Mix 92 Radio

Winners were selected from over 50 nominations. The recipient of the Platinum Australis ‘Trophy will be profiled in the December issue of Canberra Business Today. Awards will be presented by the Canberra Business Association at a gala event in the banquet hail of the Fourth Street Hotel on 12 October.



  1. What does Mr. Defort indicate about Mix 92 Radio?

(A) It resolved his problem adequately.

(B) Itis a rapidly growing company.

(C) It advertises local businesses only.

(D) It charges an extra fee to new clients.

  1. What is suggested about Mr. Defort?

(A) He has been a client of Mix 92 Radio for many years.

(B) He was assisted by an intern at Mix 92 Radio.

(C) He recenily experienced a decline in his car sales.

(D) He runs the biggest automotive business in the area.

  1. Why did Ms. Jager send the e-mail?

(A) To ask for help from coworkers

(B) To organize a luncheon

(C) To arrange a video recording session

(D) To thank staff members

  1. What award will be presented ta Ms. Jager’s supervisor?

(A) Platinum

(B) Gold

(C) Silver

(D) Bronze

  1. What does the Web page suggest?

(A) The gala event is open to the public.

(B) Fewer awards nominations were received this year.

(C) Mr. Vedantam and Ms. Alvey are colleagues.

(D) Winners will receive a free subscription to Canberra Business Today.


Questions 196-200 refer to the following article, invitation, and e-mail.

Olinawe is a Fusion of Flavours


DONCASTER (21 March)—Atter many years of hard work, chef Amina Ikegami is opening her own restaurant in downtown Doncaster.

             Ms. Ikegami trained at Chesterfield

Culinary Academy and worked as a junior sous chef at the Sisra Bistro for three years.

She spent the last twelve years on staff at

Delmourel’s, where she held the title of executive chef for the past four years.

           Ms. Ikegami has won several awards, including the UK Innovative Chef Award.

Although she is sad to leave Delmourel’s, she is thrilled to fulfill her longtime dream of owning her own restaurant.

Ms. Ikcgami’s new restaurant, Olinawe, features a menu influenced by the many varied flavours of her childhood. She was raised in England in a family with French, Senegalese, and Japanese heritage. Being exposed to so many different food traditions is what inspired her to become a chef.

           “My mother and father are great cooks themselves,” says Ms. Ikegami. “I loved having all these cuisines in one house, and always strive to bring that fusion of cultures into my cooking.”

           Olinawe opens officially on 25 April and will serve lunch and dinner Tuesdays through Sundays.




Join Us!

Enjoy delicious fusion cuisine



a new restaurant from

Chef Amina Ikegami


Saturday, 2 April

7:00 PM—11:00 PM.


All food and drinks are included.

This is an invitation-only event.

Please bring this invitation with you.




Amina Ikegami <amina ikegami@scomail co.uk>


Julien Aupry <jaupry@cnukmail.co.uk>




26 March

Dear Amina.

J just heard about Olinawe, and I received your invitation to the celebratory event. This is such wonderful news! At school, I remember that you often talked about opening your own restaurant, and I am thrilled that it is finally happening!


Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this event. I will be in France that weekend teaching a class on making pastries. But once I am back, I will definitely be coming by for dinner.


All the best,





  1. What is the purpose of the article?

(A) To describe a new style of cooking

(B) To announce the opening of a new restaurant

(C) To advertise classes ai a cooking school

(D) To profile different dining establishments in Doncaster

  1. What inspired Ms. Ikegami to enter the cooking profession?

(A) A childhood trip to Japan

(B) A fellow chef at Delmourel’s

(C) Her former professor at school

(D) Her diverse family background

  1. What is true about the event on April 2?

(A) It requires reservations.

(B) It is open to the general public.

(C) I takes place before Olinawe officially opens.

(D) It is being sponsored by the Sisra Bistro.

  1. Why does Mr. Aupry send the e-mail?

(A) To decline an invitation

(B) To make a reservation for dinner

(C) To welcome Ms. Ikegami to France

(D) To ask Ms. Ikegami to teach a class

  1. What is indicated about Mr. Aupry?

(A) He has eaten at Olinawe.

(B) He used to work for Ms. Ikegami.

(C) He attended Chesterfield Culinary Academy.

(D) He is the executive chef at Delmourel’s.

Đáp án























































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